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Modern refined homes. Without sacrifice.

Discover a custom home builder in Edmonton. 

Our show homes are open from 4-8 pm Monday to Wednesday and 12-5pm on Weekends and holidays. 



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Homes in New Communities

Discover new homes for sale in Edmonton and surrounding areas.


New Communities Show homes


Homes in Mature Neighborhoods

Learn about custom infills in Edmonton built in mature neighborhoods.

Discover Kanvi Infill Homes





Be⋅spoke Custom Homes

Custom homes and infill homes in Edmonton built to a higher standard.

   Bespoke Custom Homes   


Modern Bungalows

Learn more about modern new bungalows in Edmonton.

Kanvi Bungalows

Powered by the Total Capacity of Kanvi, a unique approach only Kanvi takes. 




Our in-house design team consists of an Architect, Senior Architectural Designer, Interior Designer and NKBA Certified Kitchen Designer. Allowing us to make truly custom homes and an easier process for you to design your home. Ultimately the burden of sourcing your own team to assemble floor plans and interior design features is gone. 

See the projects that our design team is working on with the Designers' Desk. 

Designer's Desk



You want a home that's tailored to you. We've got a robust and detailed discovery process that's designed to uncover everything you'd like in a new home. This way, we're providing you with the home you want, based on your lifestyle. 



Learn about our Discovery Process



Our teams are aligned around a core process that exists to ensure that we're all on the same page. We believe in transparency, and having a process that aligns us all allows us to focus on building your dream home. 



We're here to make our clients happy by building them their dream home with a process designed around making it easy for them to see all the details.

Check out more Kanvi Reviews.

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Typically, drawings for a new home are about 10 to 12 pages in length. Ours are frequently over 30 pages long. We decided long ago that having more details allows our trade partners to know exactly what's expected from us, and removes any questions that can occur on site. 


Online Portal FINAL


We believe in using technology to empower our teams, and give you an unprecedented amount of transparency. During the build process we give you access to an online portal that shows you a schedule, items you need to complete and even photos!


Discover more of our Online Portal


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We've developed resources that will help you learn about Kanvi, the home building process and more. 
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Show Homes

Discover our Kanvi signature style in person.  

Discover our Show Homes



the Kanvi look.

Introduce yourself to Kanvi, and see the looks that have inspired many.


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