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Evolution. It’s the process that we go through to grow based on our past experiences. Over the last 12 years of building new homes in Edmonton, Kanvi has evolved our people, our design and our philosophy.

Our philosophy is to lead in everything we do.


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Modern Kanvi Homes kitchen built in Edmonton

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Design is more than just the look, it’s also functionality. Whether it's your kitchen, the flow of the home or the master retreat, each area of a Kanvi Home is expertly designed to maximize functionality and to create beauty.

Our approach to designing a home is the same regardless of the size. We've made certain choices that we believe need to be included to call a house a Kanvi Home. Free-flowing floor plans, contemporary styling and exquisite exteriors are all part of Kanvi design. 


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When you build a Kanvi Home, you become part of the Kanvi family. The decision to build a new home is life altering. We appreciate that you trust us to build your dream, and we're here to guide you through the entire process. We've invested in key technology and built our company with the right people that understand your vision and can execute it masterfully. We offer a transparent process that's highly detailed to ensure you understand everything in your new home. 

Each year we host an exclusive event for all our clients to meet their neighbors. Every client is invited, even our first finished home!

With our online access you can see all stages of your home as it gets built. You can see a calendar of events, logs from our construction staff and even photos!


Kanvi Homes Construction

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Our expertise, experience and execution are all key aspects of constructing your new home. We've grown from being a trusted new home builder in Edmonton and our processes have been refined to be efficient and to put systems in place to check completed work. We have our design team prepare a 30-40 page set of plans for your new home, which is about three times the industry standard. We do this to provide as many details as possible, help our clients envision what their home will look like and make it easy for our team to move through the construction process without setback. From framing details to tile all elements are designed before a shovel touches the ground.

At each major point during construction, you're walked through the home and educated about the work that's been completed, the next steps and what's involved. We have high internal standards and always think what's best for our clients. 


Show home in Jensen Lakes from Kanvi Homes Show home in Jagare Ridge by Kanvi Homes. Kanvi Homes in One at Keswick Community

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Show Homes

Our show homes are in hand picked communities and are designed to showcase what we're best at.

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Our Look Books

Our look books are a great way to be introduced into the evolution of Kanvi. Each of our look books features a new home model we’ve built in Edmonton, all presented in a beautiful package.

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Ranging from 2200 to over 4000 sqft, our new home models are designed to lead in what they offer. 
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Curious about Kanvi? Want to know more about what's involved with building a new home in Edmonton? Our blog has great information to help you make an educated decision whether you choose Kanvi or another home builder.

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