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Geneis show home from Kanvi Homes in Manning Village


Address: 956 Ebbers Crescent

Community: Manning Village

The Genesis features all the details Kanvi is known for in 2358 sqft. Featuring an open to above great room, an island over 12 and a half feet long, the Genesis is a must see for those seeking a home that stands out among a crowd of stale design. 


  • 2358 Sq.ft.
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • Tech desk
  • Walk through Pantry
  • Upper exercise room
  • Open to above great room
  • 12' long kitchen island
  • Open riser staircase

GENESIS great room

The Genesis follows Kanvi Home design philosophy and has an impressive open-to-above great room. From the second floor lounge, a commanding view of the great room can be experienced.
Kanvi Homes Genesis in Manning Village.

GENESIS upper lounge

The upstairs lounge area offers a cozy modern space for you to catch up on your favorite Netflix options. A large window allows bright light to immerse the space in warmth. The floating wall element helps design the space by adding privacy to the master and anchors the furniture within the lounge.
Kanvi Homes Genesis in Manning Village Kanvi Homes Genesis in Manning Village


The Kitchen in the Genesis conveys our signature styling and doesn't compromise on offerings. The kitchen offers a 12'8" long kitchen island to devise delightful dinners. A selection of storage continues on from the kitchen into the dining room adding over eight feet of cabinets. A walk through pantry finishes off this contemporary kitchen.
Kanvi Homes Genesis in Manning Village

GENESIS show home

Opening Early November, available now for construction tours. 
ADDRESS: 956 Ebbers Crescent
COMMUNITY: Manning Village
HOURS: 3-8pm Monday - Thursday and 12-5pm on weekends

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