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Infill homes are new homes built in older communities. Infill homes offer the best of both worlds. Living in an older, established neighborhood with great access to downtown in a brand new home. 


Creating models specific for infill homes allows us to start an easy to understand process that caters to busy families. The undertaking of a full custom home can be daunting, and the modelized process allow for amazing features without the time commitment of a full custom process. 

17_Kitchen 17_Bonus 36_loft


Kanvi Design

At Kanvi, we're known for our breathtaking modern design. Walking through any Kanvi home and you'll notice it feels different. Our infill line has deliberate designed floor plans for maximizing space usage, establishing sight-lines and clever structural engineering.



With an infill home, there's flexibility to do stunning architecture. Pulling materials typically used in commercial building and getting creative with exterior details is all part of our amazing infill models.



Our infill models are designed to cater to the usual lot widths in Edmonton including;

  • 17' wide home for a 25' wide lot
  • 25' wide home for a 33' wide lot
  • 36' wide home for a 50' wide lot



The Revive packs modern design features you'll love in an apologetically small package. The Revive starts at 1522 sqft and with a optional loft goes up to 1853 sqft. An impressive Kanvi kitchen, over-sized windows and other Kanvi signature details are all part of the Revive.

+ 1522 - 1853 sqft
+ 17' Wide
+ Several exterior designs to select
+ Massive windows
+ Kanvi signature modern interiors
+ Loft options available


See the REVIVE




The Renew sits in the middle of our infill line and fits on a 33' wide lot. Starting at 2184 sqft and with a optional loft as a master retreat up to 2678 sqft. The open to above foyer brings in amazing light and grants you a view of mature trees.

+ 2184 - 2678 sqft
+ 25' Wide
+ Different model options with exercise rooms, theatres and lofts
+ Massive dining space flooded with natural light
+ Kanvi signature modern interiors

See the RENEW



The Refresh overwhelms with details only available to those with discerning tastes. A kitchen island over 15' in length, massive windows, an expertly crafted mudroom and a master retreat are only parts of this marvelous plan. 

+3106 sq.ft - 3868 sq.ft
+ 36' Wide
+ Fully customization to your tastes
+ Massive dining space flooded with natural light
+ Kanvi signature modern interiors
+ Inspiring model options available




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