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Our promise to you. 


One of the main objectives in our overall Kanvi Experience is to ensure that we fully understand our clients, their background, as well as what stage of the process a client is at so that we can tailor the information accordingly with maximum relevancy. We have no interest in selling the families that walk through here a house, but rather, we want to ensure that families that are in the market and looking for a possible home, are effectively serviced according to their very precise background and needs. For example, if this is the fourth home you’re building, you will have different questions and expectations as if this were your first home build. We have a fairly robust process for us to understand our clients before we get started which is a brand standard, and we believe that it’s needed to ensure we appropriately address and tailor the interactions.

In the end, our goal is to give you the relevant information to make the best decision possible. We realize the ultimate decision on who you want to trust as your builder partner will be based on a number of factors and value presented.

Having said that, and respecting your decision, we can take a couple of different routes at this point. If you are interested in more information, you can ask questions as you need. We’re here to ensure you have your answers, or we can follow through with our industry leading, Kanvi exclusive client focused and technically loaded process.

 We've designed an online process that takes about 5 minutes to learn about you. Our goal is to get it right and get you more information than what you’d likely have based on our industry standards today - to make the right decision for you and your family.


I'm ready to get started