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Leading in construction.

How your home is built is just as important as the styling decisions. We've established our construction practices to follow what's best for our clients, and what will stand the test of time. 

We're open with our construction process and our clients are there each step of the way. 


Kanvi Homes construction Kanvi Homes construction

30 pages or more

home plans.

The devil is in the details. At Kanvi, we create 30 pages or more of construction drawings for you new home, which is about three times the industry standard. Each of our homes' plans are meticulously reviewed for accuracy by our expert team. We've invested heavily in our infrastructure to prepare these documents and we believe our clients deserve to know all the details of everything going into their new home. Our trade partners also love our detailed plans; it makes it easier to avoid surprises during the construction process.
Kanvi Homes construction specifications

Superior construction


Construction specifications are the ingredients that go into the recipe that is a Kanvi Home. Our CORE and CORE Essential construction specifications maximize value offering great components hand-picked for their design and durability. Want to know more about construction specifications, check out our blog here. 
Kanvi Homes custom homes

Multiple construction

walk throughs.

One of our core philosophies is transparency with our clients. During the construction process we have at a mimimum five walkthroughs. The walk throughs are completed after;

  • Framing Completed
  • Electrical and plumbing rough-ins
  • Drywall Completed
  • Post Cabinet Install
  • Possession

We can also cater to more walk throughs as required, all you have to do is ask!

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