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Kanvi Homes ELEMENT Model


The Element is one of our brand new Kanvi Select floor plans that includes our signature design style in a smaller package.


  • 2168 Sq.ft.
  • 32' wide
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • Walk through pantry
  • Grand entrance with open to above feature
  • Plenty of Personalization options available.

ELEMENT Home design

The Element began as a question to our design team - how do we design a Kanvi Home with a smaller foot print? Using our internal design team allows us to revise and review a plan until we're certain is ready to release. The Element includes over 70 model personalization options to truly make it your own. 
Kanvi Homes ELEMENT model Kanvi Homes ELEMENT model Kanvi Homes ELEMENT model Kanvi Homes ELEMENT model Kanvi Homes Onyx model

ELEMENT floor plan

The Element is a great floor plan to start the process of personalization. With over 70 options to personalize, each Element by Kanvi will be unique to you. Items including theatre rooms, 4th bedrooms and more are available.