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The Revive infill home by Kanvi is skinny in size, but large in features. Designed to have the Kanvi signature style in a 17' wide skinny home in Edmonton. When a home is 17' wide it presents some challenges in having an open feeling, but at Kanvi, we welcome the challenge. Being clever and intentional with spaces, utilizing every square foot and focusing on great design brings together this skinny home wonderfully.


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  • 1522 sq.ft - 1853 sq.ft
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathrooms
  • Front facing Den
  • master retreat with enticing ensuite
  • Open riser staircase
  • Upper Laundry 
  • Loft Options available
  • Able to personalize to your lifestyle

REVIVE Interior

At Kanvi, we're known for our unprecedented modern design. Our spaces have amazing flow and sight lines are considered so any view of the home is beautiful and wide open. To achieve this with a skinny home is difficult, but with our design mastery we've done it without compromise on who Kanvi is.
17_Kitchen 17_Den 17_Bonus

REVIVE Architecture

The Architecture of the REVIVE is truly stunning, and is unique to Kanvi designed fully in-house with our expert team. Different styles to showcase our modern design acumen. 
17_4 17_2 17_3 17_1

REVIVE Floor Plan

The Revive fits for an infill lot designated for a 17' wide new home. The open foyer, massive kitchen and design details are stunning. Each of the floors has options for customization and adding a loft increases living space and offers a unique feature.


Customize this floor plan

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