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Our home models continue to evolve and become better versions. Our homes are stylish, functional, and made to last. All of our home models are designed to maximize the potential for you and your growing family. Unique to Kanvi Homes, we explore your family dynamic and their unique needs to make a modern home specifically for you. 


At Kanvi, we have two ways for you to choose your personalization. 



Kanvi Select Models

Choose from our hand-picked design options to personalize a Kanvi Home. Our design options reflect Kanvi Homes’ signature contemporary styling and offer second to none value. Our design options include the selections you need such as extra bedrooms, but also include model specific options that are stunning.





Kanvi Custom Models

Pull upon the collective design knowledge of Kanvi Homes and create a truly unique home. Include design features that few can achieve all with Kanvi Homes award winning design and industry leading client experience.